Movora's collection of premium veterinary surgical instruments is selected to meet the diverse requirements of veterinary professionals worldwide. Spectrum and VetSpectrum instruments feature veterinarian-curated formats specific to canine and feline anatomies. 

We are dedicated to providing instruments engineered for precision and performance. From general surgical scissors to orthopedic instruments to surgical, dental, and ophthalmic instrument packs curated by fellow vets, our solutions offer a comprehensive range of veterinary instruments. Spectrum and VetSpectrum instruments come with Movora's Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing complimentary alignment, sharpening, cleaning, polishing etc. during the usable lifetime of the instrument.


Whether you're equipping a new clinic start-up, standardizing inventory across hospitals, or investing in heirloom-quality instrumentation, Movora offers a vast array of instruments to fulfill your needs. Movora also distributes instruments from gSource, Miltex and Aesculap as a convenience to your busy schedules.

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