Bone Screws & Anchors

Movora offers an extensive range of bone anchors and screws from trusted brands like KYON, Veterinary Orthopedic Implants, NGD and Everost. These implants are engineered to ensure precise alignment and secure fixation, covering the breadth of needs and allowing vets flexibility in the orthopedic solutions they use. 

The diverse selection of orthopedic bone screws and anchors caters to a wide range of veterinary surgical needs and orthopedic procedures. Whether you're repairing fractures, stabilizing joints, or enhancing bone union, Movora's portfolio of products offer versatile solutions trusted by veterinary professionals worldwide, including DT locking and the KYON Locking Screw (KLSTM) system.


Choose from a variety of bone screw types, including locking and non-locking screws, countersink compression screws, and cancellous screws, each designed to maximize the implant/bone interface and promote optimal healing outcomes. Our bone anchors provide the reliable fixation of soft tissue required in demanding surgical procedures.

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